Event Security Solutions

When organizing an event, security is as important a consideration as any other. Take time to think through the security arrangements. Contact ISAS early on in the planning phase, and leave the dealing with security risks to us. We ensure public order and general security pursuant to a security plan. The security plan is compiled with the customer and approved with the police prior to the event.

In addition to providing security, ISAS offers the following:

  • Access control, through ticketing and security checks (including checks for hazardous items and substances)
  • Safekeeping and security service for property such as equipment, on-stage equipment
  • Perimeter security
  • Backstage or stage front securityspecial area security (VIP lounge, underage or alcohol sales areas)
  • Personal protection service for artists, performers and VIPs.
  • The security team is led by a leader with experience. The head of security takes part in meetings called by the customer for discussing security issues. For major events, experienced segment directors are also part of the team; they coordinate services in a specific respective area of responsibility.

    If necessary, ISAS patrol units are promptly summoned for backup. The police and/or Rescue Service are kept apprised of situations.